1. Media/Analyst badges are issued to media professionals and industry analysts. These include journalists, reporters, editors, producers, camera operators, photographers, freelance reporters, KOL and industry analysts. Media/Analyst badges guarantee your access to all exhibition areas, conference sessions (closed-door meeting excluded), media center, interview rooms, and business lunch.
2. To ensure you fully enjoy benefits as media/analysts, you must choose your media type and submit one or more of credentials as following.
3. Once your credential(s) is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email for badge collection.
4. A history of being registered at previous PT Expo China does not guarantee approval or waive your accreditation process.
5. If you are not a media/analyst, please register as a general attendee.

Print Media, Newswire, Broadcast Media, Online Media:
Business card OR Press ID.

Freelance Reporter, Blogger:
Your published report/article on the related ICT industries (page link or digital copy) OR We-media or social media data that supports you as an influential, e.g. followers, page views, likes, etc (social media link or screenshot).

Industry Analyst:
Business card; OR Your published report/article on the related industries (page link or digital copy) OR Published report/article on the related industries which quoted you as an industry analyst (page link or digital copy).